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The focus of our research is to gain an understanding of biological functions carried out by proteins by determination of the structures of proteins and their complexes, and the kinetics, thermodynamics, and dynamics of proteins and protein-ligand interactions. These goals are achieved through application of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy.

Protein Ubiquitination

Currently, we are studying the structures and interactions of proteins involved in lysine-63 linked protein ubiquitination. This pathway is important in cellular processes such as DNA repair and the immune response.

Research Resources

The laboratory is fully equipped for protein expression in E. coli, protein purification using FPLC, and protein analysis/structure determination using solution state NMR spectroscopy. Some of our resources include:

Research Team


Information regarding Graduate studies:Department of Biochemistry, University of Alberta.

Funding Sources

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Our research is currently funded by NSERC and CIHR